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Privacy Act Statement

I/we authorise Mr Motors* to collect, retain and use the personal information about me/us, for the purpose of:

  • Assessing my/our credit worthiness;
  • Attending to the financing, whether directly or indirectly, of my/our contract(s) and enforcing Mr Motors’ rights thereunder;
  • Marketing and/or informing me/us about the goods and services provided by Mr Motors

I/we authorise Mr Motors to collect from credit reporting agencies, credit providers, my/our employer(s), account(s), relatives, or other person(s) such as personal, financial and commercial information about me/us for the said purposes.

I/we authorise Mr Motors to provide the information:

  • To any person for the foregoing purposes;
  • To any employees and agents of Mr Motors and/or any other person, in an ordinary course of business, for any of the foregoing purposes;
  • To credit agencies for the purpose of maintaining proper of effective records.

I/we acknowledge that if I/we do not provide all or any part of the information requested on this application form, my/our application for the finance may be declined. I/we further acknowledge that pursuant to the Privacy Act 2020, I/we have a right of access to information collected by Mr Motors about me/us and to request that this information be corrected. The information will be held at the office of Mr Motors, 22 Frost Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland or the registered offices of any party nominated by Mr Motors.

*Mr Motors and other associated third parties.